Bucknell Golf Club recognizes that certain members and guest may have physical conditions or restrictions, which may make it difficult or impossible to walk normally required distances while playing golf. Handicap Carts may be used by physically challenged players only.

Therefore, upon application to the Pro Shop, Handicapped Cart privileges may be extended to only those who possess a handicapped-parking disability or possess a written medical doctors excuse. Having a red flag or marker extended from the player's golf bag shall identify handicap Carts.

  • Carts may not be driven between greens and sand traps.
  • Carts may not be driven within 30 feet of greens and or approaches.
  • Carts must stay on paths when parked on at tees.
  • Carts may not be driven into roped areas.
  • Handicapped Cart privileges are extended only to players who is physically challenged and not to the additional rider.

Operators would recognize that certain areas may not be driven on and that round about routes should be taken to avoid possible damage to sensitive turf areas.

When Bucknell Golf Club is operating under a Cart Path Only Policy due to abnormal ground conditions, Handicapped Privileges may not be available.

Any abuse of this privilege will result in Board action or suspension of golf privileges.

Adopted March 10, 1998 by The Board of Directors