The game of golf is unique in that players of varied skill levels are able to compete with one another on an equal basis. The excitement of standing on the 18th tee with a better ball of partners match all square, comprised of golfers with handicaps ranging from 23 to 8, is a testament to the efficacy of the Handicap System.

Bucknell Golf Club is a participating member of the USGA Handicap System and adheres to the rules and procedures prescribed by that governing body. As a member of Bucknell Golf Club, you are automatically enrolled in the program. The handicap system is administered by the North Central Pennsylvania Golf Association and is known as GHIN. A golfer establishes a handicap by inputting scores in the computer that is located in the dining area of the Clubhouse. Data entry is a simple process and can be learned by asking someone in the pro shop to show you the procedure.

The benefits of establishing and maintaining a handicap are numerous. You can enter events at Bucknell and at other courses that require a handicap. You can play in a casual match fairly and competitively by having an accurate handicap. You can trace your progress as a golfer and compare scores over a long period of time.

Additional Resources

  • Visit our Golf Handicap Policy page to read Bucknell Golf Club's policy on maintaining and complying with USGA procedures to maintain fair handicaps.
  • Our USGA Handicaps page details the maximum number that a player can post on any hole.
  • By going to the USGA homepage, you can browse their handicap section and learn even more.

Should you have a need for further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact the Handicap Committee Chairman.