The Office of Recreation Services' two-fold mission is (1) to meet the needs of and provide quality programming to a large and diverse student, staff and faculty body through a wide range of professionally administered recreational activities and (2) to provide a healthy environment in which students can develop the physical, mental, emotional, and social skills necessary for success throughout and after the Bucknell University experience through participation and employment in the program.


The Office of Recreation Services is committed to the following values to ensure a completely positive experience within the program:

  • We respect each student, staff, faculty and community member as an individual and hold personal safety and welfare as our highest priority.
  • We will always acknowledge and appreciate human diversity through our actions and words. Our most important asset is people.
  • We are committed to the constant vigilance, maintenance, evaluation, and improvement of programming to ensure that all patrons of Bucknell University experience the highest quality of recreational activities available.
  • We respect and embrace the diversity each student, staff, faculty, and community member of Bucknell University brings to our daily lives. We will always promote understanding and mutual respect of personal and cultural differences and similarities by creating a supportive and inclusive atmosphere to celebrate our uniqueness.
  • We are devoted to the beginning, cultivation, and continuation of the physical, mental, emotional, and social skills needed to produce a safe and healthy lifestyle for the Bucknell University individual.
  • We will always be patron-friendly. All members of the Office of Recreation Services will always be happy to answer questions, give suggestions, and listen to ideas, concerns, complaints, and compliments in a positive and friendly manner.

If you have any questions about our mission or values, please contact the Assistant Director of Athletics/Recreation Services.