Bucknell Buddies

Our Mission

Bucknell Buddies, our after-school program at Essex Place and Meadow View housing complexes, helps historically at-risk children by providing them with educational assistance and healthy recreational activities.

We provide these services in the spirit of sharing resources and using the skills and education we have acquired. At the same time, we respect the residents of these housing complexes and seek to learn from their experiences and interactions with us so that we might better serve their needs and build cooperation and opportunities for empowerment.

Program Details

Our after-school program serves the children of Meadow View, an affordable housing site located north on Route 15, and Essex Place, an affordable housing site located within minutes of Bucknell's campus.

Our program offers tutoring assistance Monday through Thursday, visiting each site two days a week. Additionally, we run extracurricular weekend and evening programming with the help of many student groups and organizations.

Student volunteers, coordinated by Office of Civic Engagement staff, provide individual attention, focusing on homework help and supplemental educational material in all subject areas. There is also time in each session for Bucknell students to engage in educational and recreational games and activities with the students.

Snacks, books, school supplies and other materials are provided for the participants by the Office of Civic Engagement as well as through generous donations from the Lewisburg elementary schools, Bucknell's Management 101 classes and student organizations. Past donations from these groups have also helped these programs purchase new electronics, buy sports equipment and establish libraries at both locations. 

Contact Craig Silverman, Lead Student Coordinator, cms056@bucknell.edu to engage with Essex Place or Meadowview, Monday-Thursday at 4 p.m.

Civic Engagement


119 Bertrand Library