Bucknell Brand

Bucknell's brand is about more than colors and fonts. It's a symbol of who we are: a community of dreamers, discoverers and doers.

Our brand is a globally recognized visual representation of Bucknell's identity: We're a top-ranked liberal arts institution with deeply engaged faculty and students who are reinventing the future. We're proud of Bucknell's brand, and we care about preserving it and presenting it in the right way. Here's how you can help.

Our Visual Identity

Bucknell's visual identity, including logos, photos, graphic elements and color, represents tradition, a quest for knowledge and a spirit of innovation — often while using few or no words.

Our visual language sets the tone for how people initially see Bucknell and how they recognize or remember us in the future. When these pieces work together well, they strengthen our overall brand and help the world discover who we are.

Bucknell Brand

Digital Resources and Tools

Use the resources here to seamless incorporate Bucknell's brand into your PowerPoint presentation, email signature or in-person event. 

If you have questions about the use of these resources, or have suggestions for additional resources, contact us at communications@bucknell.edu.

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