What if every student in the College of Engineering could have a study abroad experience?  What if every student could work side-by-side with a faculty member on cutting-edge research?  What if Bucknell's College of Engineering became a national leader in undergraduate programs focused on the Engineering Grand Challenges?  What if there was a way for alumni to work with the Dean of Engineering to help prioritize how gifts to the College were used? 

The Bucknell Engineering Alumni Association (BEAA) is making global education and innovative research happen. We hope you join us.

Established in 2013, the BEAA Transformative Engineering Education Endowment (TE3) was created to help connect our alumni donations  directly to the most important student-focused needs in the College.  As an endowed fund, TE3 will provide a stream of income to the College in perpetuity to be responsive to student needs and emerging engineering trends.  The endowment was designed to be co-directed by the Dean of the College of Engineering and members of the BEAA board of directors.  This means that our alumni representatives will have a direct line to the Dean's office in helping to prioritize how those funds are spent.  When the fund surpassed $100,000 in donations last year, it became active in providing funds to the College.  Initial areas of focus for the fund have included the Engineering Grand Challenges Scholars program, entrepreneurship and innovation programs, and scholarship support for students participating in the EG290 summer study abroad program. 

TE3 has a targeted endowment goal of $500,000 and fundraising has been off to a great start;100% of the current members of the BEAA board of directors have made pledges to the fund, which has raised more than 25% of the target. Now we need your help to hit our target goal.

While the TE3 represents a unique opportunity to direct alumni gifts to the College of Engineering, we hope you will also continue to support the Engineering Fund. The Engineering Fund provides a large portion of the College's annual operating expenses and pays for things like: student travel to conferences, participation in competitions, and immediate department needs.  The annual gifts provide an important stream of funding for many programs in the College.  The difference is Engineering Fund donations are used in the fiscal year as deemed appropriate by the Dean, while the TE3 provides a perpetual stream of income to the College and alumni representatives guide how the money is to be used.    The targeted size of the endowment will provide meaningful support to the College without the variability of annual gifts.   Please consider a gift to the TE3 fund in addition to your annual gift to the Engineering Fund as a part of your support for Bucknell's WE DO campaign and the College of Engineering.

May a gift today to support the BEAA Transformative Engineering Education Endowment (TE3). We encourage you to then make a second gift to the Engineering Fund.

Thank you in advance for all you have done to support of these important resources to the College of Engineering!