General Questions

What is Be Well?

  • Be Well is a University wellness initiative that encourages faculty and staff to take action to improve their own health and wellbeing.

Why does Bucknell have a wellness initiative?

  • Bucknell would like to see its faculty and staff living happy and fulfilled lives -- both professionally and personally. The University has made a serious financial commitment to the initiative. Though one of the outcomes of the initiative may be cost savings to both you and the University, cost reduction is not the focus of the program. President Bravman and the Operations Management Group have strongly endorsed the Wellness Initiative, because they believe in helping each staff and faculty member be as vital, productive and happy as possible. || Read the Wellness Vision Statement.

What are the benefits of participating?

  • Bucknell’s Wellness Initiative focuses on the whole person, not solely on health or fitness. Whether you want to become stronger, healthier, more relaxed, more financially stable or more connected to the community, the Wellness Initiative offers tools, resources and activities to help you reach your individual goals.

Who can participate in Be Well?

  • Current full-time, part-time, and casual employees are able to participate in the program.

Am I required to participate?

  • No. Participation in the Wellness Initiative is completely voluntary.

Can I attend activities held during regular working hours?

  • This is a University-supported and University-promoted initiative. That being said, we recognize that there are certain times of day and year that different areas on campus are busier. Discuss the timing of the activities you want to attend with your supervisor. They will work with you on arranging your work schedule accordingly.

Privacy Questions

Will my information be private?

  • Yes. Your wellness portal is provided by an outside vendor and is a secure online tool for you to enter your personal information, including biometric information; take a Personal Health Assessment (PHA); and review information on health and wellness. You have control over whether any of your personally identifiable information will be shared with a wellness coach.

What information will be shared?

  • If you allow it, your personally identifiable PHA responses and biometric screening results will be available to your wellness coach. Identifiable PHA responses and screening results will not be shared with the University, your health insurance provider or your supervisor.

How will my information be used?

  • The University will receive regular reports of aggregate data representing a summary of all participants in the program, which will be used to assist with programming. (For example, if 45% of participants self-report that they have high blood pressure, we can cater our programming accordingly.)
  • If you have allowed it, your wellness coach will receive the results of your PHA and biometric screenings, to assist you with your goals.

Why should I share such personal information?

  • Sharing your personal data will enable your wellness coach to help you set reasonable and achievable goals. Additionally, providing this information will help the University analyze the effectiveness of the program through the anonymous aggregate data it receives. Note: Your individual information will not be shared with any University employees, and participating will not affect your health insurance coverage or healthcare costs.

What if I choose not to share my information?

  • If you choose not to share your information, you may still use the resources available in the portal, but a wellness coach will not be able to support you and you will only be eligible for part of the "Get to Know YOU" participation incentive.

Health Assessment

What is the health assessment?

  • Your health assessment is the gateway for the wellness initiative. This online assessment takes about 20 minutes to complete, and it helps participants identify healthy lifestyle behaviors as well as areas for possible improvement. Upon completing the assessment, participants immediately have access to an individualized health report.

Your health assessment will:

  • Help you understand the healthfulness of your current lifestyle behaviors
  • Outline your risk for Type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease and other health issues
  • Provide you with health behavior targets to reduce your risk and improve your health
  • Help you assess your readiness for lifestyle change
  • Provide strategies for reaching your health goals

How often do I need to take the health assessment?

  • Your health assessment is one of the foundations of the wellness initiative. Active participants should take it at least once every year. You’ll get a visible assessment of how lifestyle changes have affected your overall wellness from year to year.

Can I take it more than once a year?

  • Yes. Participants are encouraged to take the health assessment as often as they want to track changes in their behaviors.

Biometric Screening

What is a biometric screening?

  • A biometric screening is a tool used to provide you with more detailed and specific information about your personal health. It typically provides you with several measures including: cholesterol levels, blood pressure, blood glucose levels and usually includes a measurement of height, weight and body mass index (BMI).

What is the purpose of receiving a biometric screening?

  • Your individual biometric screening will provide you with concrete data you can enter into the portal. Doing so will provide you with a clearer, more accurate overview of your health status.

How do I complete my screening?

  • Screenings will be offered on campus, free of charge. You can register for a screening appointment in the "Upcoming Events" section of the wellness portal. You can also "self-report" your results by asking your physician for the information and entering it into the portal.

How many times can I participate in a screening?

  • You will only be eligible for one screening per calendar year.

Can I choose to visit my doctor for the screening?

  • Yes.

How do I claim the Biometric Screening participation incentive?

  • If you participate in an on-campus screening, you will automatically be credited with completing the activity. If you are self-reporting results, log into the portal and go to the "Health" tab (far left). When you hover over "Health", you'll see a tab for "Screening Results". Click on "Screening Results" to enter your biometric screening info. Then go to the "Incentives" tab and click on "Healthy Habits" to check off that you have completed the screening.

Wellness Coaching and Goals

What is a Wellness Coach?

  • Think of a wellness coach as a personal trainer for your life (since exercise is not always the change that needs to occur).
  • A wellness coach works with you to determine what aspects of your life you want to focus on and helps you create a plan to achieve behavior change.
  • These behaviors could include changing dietary habits, getting more exercise, or quitting smoking. They could also include achieving a better work/life balance or reducing stress; whatever your current goal(s) are.

How will I get a wellness coach?

  • When you register to use the portal, you’ll be automatically opted in to have a wellness coach. Our wellness coaches are employed by Evangelical Community Hospital, and will help you set attainable wellness goals and help you develop a plan to succeed -- at no cost to you. If you choose to opt out of sharing your information with the wellness coach, you may still use the portal.

Will I be required to meet certain criteria, such as losing weight or quitting smoking?

  • No. The Wellness Initiative is designed for you to set your own goals in collaboration with a wellness coach. You can focus on whatever areas of wellness will make you happier and more satisfied -- whether they be weight, smoking, finances or work/life balance.

Will I be rewarded or penalized if I don’t meet my goals?

  • No. Incentives are based on participation in the PHA, biometric screening and wellness coaching, not on outcomes. Be Well is about your wellbeing now and isn’t focused on future outcomes or measurements.

Will my wellness coach share my information with the University?

  • Absolutely not. The wellness coaches will not share any of your information with the University or your healthcare provider. This is a completely confidential conversation between you and your coach.

Leadership and Planning for Our Wellness Program

Who’s leading the Wellness Initiative?

  • A Wellness Steering Committee of representatives from Bucknell, Evangelical Community Hospital and Geisinger Health Plan guides Bucknell’s long-term commitment to the health and vitality of its faculty and staff. A Wellness Planning Group explores creative techniques and approaches to tap campus and community resources and functions in an advisory capacity, helping plan events that have broad and varied appeal. || See who is currently serving as a representative.

I have an idea for a wellness opportunity. How do I share it?


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