Fall Study Abroad

Most internship searches are conducted successfully in the spring, so going abroad in the Fall should not create problems for most students. However, you may want to get a head start, especially on the the Bridge, as there may be some unique opportunities available in the Fall when employers visit campus for on-campus recruiting. If you are interested in journalism and/or government, it would be helpful to do some research before leaving the United States to learn of deadlines. Some of the internships in those fields have deadlines in November.

Spring Study Abroad

Before you go ...

1) Become familiar with the CDC Resources.

  • Learn how to use the Bridge
  • Attend workshops or pick up handouts on Resume Writing, Cover Letters, Interviewing, and Networking.
  • Participate in a mock interview, and perhaps, a mock phone interview with a CDC staff member.
  • Create your resume and get it critiqued by a CDC staff member

2) Choose and research an industry or industries that you want to pursue.

  • If you don't know what you want to pursue as an internship and/or career, meet with a CDC counselor.
  • Research industries

3) Start Networking!

  • Select companies and/or professionals which reflect your career goals to add to your list.
  • Set up Informational Interviews

4) Become familiar with internship opportunities and deadlines.

  • Look at opportunities on the Bridge.
  • Search for opportunities on other web resources.
  • Contact the employers by email or phone to request an early interview.

5) Create a list of potential company contacts.

  • Research the companies and be sure to find email addresses or phone numbers.
  • Use the Employer Directories in the CDC Resource Room Library or check out the other sources we like for job searches.

While You are Overseas:

  • Set aside regular time to conduct your internship search (this includes email, phone calls, and research).
    Realize that you will be busy with your studies and activities while abroad and it will be very easy to put off the search. Try to work on it at least an hour a week. Schedule the time like it is a class or meeting.
  • Use a variety of internship search techniques.
  • If you have internet access, check the internship opportunities weekly. Determine which websites are the most useful for your search and keep checking back.
  • The Bridge is updated regularly and you can apply online easily; make sure to check back frequently
  • When you apply for opportunities, be sure to mention in a cover letter that you are abroad and will be available for a telephone interview or email contact.
  • If an employer selects you for an interview via the Bridge, be sure they understand that you are abroad. Special phone arrangements will need to be made by the employer and the CDC if they wish to interview you while they are on campus.
  • Contact the employers that you spoke to during the fall by email or phone. It is important to follow up with these contacts, especially if they are in the process of selecting interns. You don't want them to forget you just because they can't meet with you in person. If you leave a message, be sure to mention convenient times (during the workday in the U.S.) they can return phone calls and your email address.
  • Use the lists of companies and alumni contacts that you prepared in the fall to inquire about opportunities.
  • Follow up, follow up, follow up. Keep track of the contacts you have made and follow up at least once with each employer. Inquire about the timeline of the internship search process and take notes so you know when you might be hearing from them.
  • If you feel stuck or have questions, feel free to email cdc@bucknell.edu.

When You Return:

  • If you don't have an internship for the summer, follow up with any promising opportunities. Continue to look, using the same search methods but with more personal follow-up. Also, utilize informational interviews to expand your network of contacts. Make an individual appointment with a counselor to discuss other strategies.
  • Be sure to pass along any problems you had with your overseas internship search to the CDC so it can be addressed in this handout and in workshops. Also, pass along suggestions of methods that worked well for you.

The BRIDGE Guidelines While Abroad

  • Notify the CDC you are abroad if you will be submitting applications through The Bridge.
  • If applying for opportunities that are off-campus resume referrals you should state in your cover letter or resume that you are abroad along with where they may reach you. Generally, you will not be notified online if selected for an interview. It is your responsibility to follow up with the employer regarding the status of your application.
  • If applying for opportunities with employers who are conducting on-campus interviews you must also mention in your cover letter/resume that you abroad and would not be available to interview in person. If selected for an interview, it is up to you to contact the employer to make other arrangements for the interview. You must realize that not all employers will be willing to conduct telephone interviews, however, if they are, the CDC will help facilitate a phone interview during their normal scheduled interview date on campus. If an employer agrees to conduct a telephone interview during their normal scheduled interview time while on campus, you will need to sign up for an interview time through The Bridge and let the employer know the telephone number where they may reach you. Once you have the details worked out, please inform the CDC at recruiting@bucknell.edu to let us know what you have arranged with the employer. Most contact information is available through The Bridge.
  • If selected for an interview and have not signed up for an interview time, you will occasionally receive emails reminding you to sign up regardless of whether you have made other arrangements or not. This is just a result of the system so you may disregard any emails you may receive as long as you have notified us of your plans.
  • If you need help with the Bridge while abroad please contact us.