Elizabeth Baldwin

Liz BaldwinMajors: Psychology and French
Hometown: Scotch Plains, NJ
Campus Activities: Activities & Campus Events, V.P. of Human Resources; MGMT 101 Teaching Assistant; Delta Gamma Sorority, Director of Archives; Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society
Industry Interests: marketing; brand management; consulting; diversity
E-mail: eab042@bucknell.edu

Jessica Brito

JessicaMajors: Economics
Hometown: Wheaton, MD
Campus Activities: Catholic Campus Ministry; POSSE Program; Engineering Success Alliance; Bison Bhangra; South Asian Student Association; Society of Women Engineers; Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society; Biomedical Engineering Society; Society and Technology Residential College
Industry Interests: medical device design; economic strategies in healthcare; healthcare policy and geographic impact; pharmaceuticals; economic feasibility of biomedical design; engineering management; bioinstrumentation; intersection of materials science and economics; improving the American healthcare system; drug/pharmaceutical statistical testing and development
E-mail: jmb083@bucknell.edu

Emily Burger

EmilyMajors: Civil Engineering
Hometown: Drums, PA
Campus Activities: Society of Women Engineers-Secretary; American Society of Civil Engineers; Catholic Campus Ministry - Ministry Team; Society and Technology Residential College
Industry Interests: renewable energy; green buildings; sustainability; water resources; clean water in developing countries; transportation
E-mail: ejb032@bucknell.edu

Molly Cantrell

MollyMajors: Civil Engineering
Minor: Dance
Hometown: Baltimore, MD
Campus Activities: Panhellenic Council, Vice President of Programming; Engineers for Sustainable Development, Vice President; Bicycles Against Poverty, American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), The Society of Women Engineers (SWE), Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority
Industry Interests: construction, resources, water sustainability
E-mail: mec038@bucknell.edu

Christian Cavarretta

Christian CavarrettaMajors: Mechanical Engineering and Management
Hometown: Boxford, MA
Campus Activities: Tau Kappa Epsilon IFC Chair; Ski Team; Engineering and Innovation Affinity Program
Industry Interests: Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer
E-mail: ctc015@bucknell.edu

Emily Corelli

Emily CorelliMajors: Markets, Innovation, and Design
Hometown: White Plains, NY
Campus Activities: Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority, Vice President of Organization; Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society; Club Ice Hockey; Club Lacrosse
Industry Interests: entrepreneurship, marketing, brand management, finance
E-mail: eac023@bucknell.edu

Jack Ebby

Jack EbbyMajors: Markets, Innovation, and Design
Hometown: Lower Merion, PA
Campus Activities: Sigma Phi Epsilon; Peer Specialist, Bucknell Career Development Center; Entrepreneurial Leader, Bucknell Professional Networks; Peer Educator, Speak UP Bucknell; Student Reunion Ambassador; Club Soccer
Industry Interests: consulting, entrepreneurship, marketing, dinance
E-mail: jae013@bucknell.edu

Clarke Fox

Clarke FoxMajors: Economics and Political Science
Hometown: Devon, PA
Campus Activities: Varsity Soccer; Bucknell Choices; Intervarsity Fellowship
Industry Interests: consulting; public relations; development of Sub-Saharan Africa; public policy
E-mail: cnf003@bucknell.edu 

Sean Hooper

Sean HooperMajors: Mechanical Engineering
Hometown: Harleysville, PA
Campus Activities: Building on Foundations, Coordinator; Chi Phi Fraternity, Social Chair
Industry Interests: consulting; sustainability; aerospace design
E-mail: sth006@bucknell.edu

Stephanie Houser

Stephanie HouserMajors: Civil Engineering and International Relations
Hometown: Orchard Park, NY
Campus Activities: Presidential Fellow; Social Justice Residential College Junior Fellow; Activities & Campus Events (ACE) Executive Programming Chair; Calvin & Hobbes Vice President; Grand Challenge Scholar; Chi Omega Fraternity; Bucknell Brigade; ASCE; SWE
Industry Interests: international service work; building sustainable infrastructure with local resources
E-mail: sah049@bucknell.edu

Megan Kirk

Megan KirkMajors: Markets, Innovation, and Design
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Campus Activities: Women's Varsity Track and Field; Equipment Services Student Assistant; Geology 103 Teaching Assistant
Industry Interests: brand management, entrepreneurship
E-mail: mmk018@bucknell.edu

Zach Klein

Zach KleinMajors: Political Science
Minor: Economics
Hometown: Seattle, WA
Campus Activities: Chi Phi Fraternity; Club Tennis; Intramural sports; Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society
Industry Interests: law, marketing, communications
E-mail: zak004@bucknell.edu

Li Li

Li LiMajors: Computer Science and Engineering
Hometown: Beijing, China
Campus Activities: ACM President for 2014-2015 academic year; Founder and President of the Open-Source Community at Bucknell; SAAB; TA for CSCI 203; TLC tutor
Industry Interests: software engineering; web development; artificial intelligence; entrepreneurship.
E-mail: ll024@bucknell.edu

Emma Miller

Emma MillerMajors:Major: Markets, Innovation, and Design
Hometown: Palo Alto, CA
Campus Activities: Chi Omega sorority; Humanities Residential College
Industry Interests: green technology; product design; marketing; entrepreneurship; renewable energy
E-mail: egm010@bucknell.edu

Tung Phan

Tung PhanMajors: Computer Science/Engineering and Mathematics
Minor: Economics
Hometown: Hanoi, Vietnam
Campus Activities: Bucknell Enterprise Systems - Student Developer; Bucknell Physics Department - Grader; Bucknell Open Source Community (BOSC) - Co-founder/Secretary; Bucknell Mobile Autonomous Robotics Club (MARC) - Treasurer; Association for Computing Machinery at Bucknell (ACM); Bucknell Finance Club; Students for Asian Awareness at Bucknell (SAAB)
Industry Interests: financial services; strategic/technology consulting; computer/network security; machine learning; venture capital; entrepreneurship
E-mail: tmp011@bucknell.edu

Peter Puleo

Peter PuleoMajors: Mechanical Engineering and Management
Minor: Engineering Design
Hometown: Bethlehem, PA
Campus Activities: Engineering and Innovation Affinity Program; Chi Phi; Club Rugby; NRHH
Industry Interests: entrepreneurship; innovative design
E-mail: pwp004@bucknell.edu

Abishek Raghavan

Abishek RaghavanMajors: Mechanical Engineering
Hometown: Accra, Ghana
Campus Activities: Residential Advisor; Co-president of the South Asian Students' Association; Mechanical Engineering Research; Data Management Intern at the Office of Admissions; Bucknell African Students' Association; Reunion Ambassador; Internship Listing Specialist at the Career Development Center; Mechanical Engineering Grader
Industry Interests: mechanical engineering - automotive
E-mail: ar026@bucknell.edu

Andrew Sellers

Andrew SellersMajors: Electrical Engineering
Minor: Mathematics
Hometown: Newfane, NY
Campus Activities: Kappa Delta Rho fraternity - Advisory board; Teaching and Learning Center - Student Tutor; Intramurals
Industry Interests: Robotics, renewable energies
E-mail: ajs048@bucknell.edu

Will Stockwell

Will StockwellMajors: Accounting and Financial Management
Hometown: Amesbury, MA
Campus Activities: Green Fund; Environmental Club; Phi Gamma Delta; Intramural Official; Weight Room Attendant; Club Lacrosse
Industry Interests: consulting; financial advisory; investing, banking
E-mail: wes020@bucknell.edu

Abbie Titus

Abbie TitusMajors: Chemical Engineering and Management dual degree program
Hometown: Monroeville, PA
Campus Activities: Rooke Chapel Ringers; Buckwild Trip Leader; Alpha Xi Delta sorority; Society of Women Engineers; Student Calling Program; Society and Technology Residential College; Bucknell Chemical Engineering Department Summer Research
Industry Interests: wastewater treatment; industrial gases; commercial products (cosmetics, foods, beverages)
E-mail: alt014@bucknell.edu

Julia Tomeo

Julia TomeoMajors: Markets, Innovation, and Design
Hometown: Fairfield, CT
Campus Activities: Student Representative for BNIP (Bucknell Nutrition Initiative Project); Kappa Kappa Gamma; Taylor House Affinity Housing Program, Reunion Ambassador
Industry Interests: marketing, consumer products, fashion, technology
E-mail: jgt008@bucknell.edu

Julia Tompkins

Julia TompkinsMajors: Students Helping Animals, Habitat for Humanity, Her Campus Bucknell, Volunteers Initiative Nepal
Industry Interests: marketing, advertising, public relations, sustainability, consumer products, consumer behavior, philanthropy and humanitarianism
E-mail: jmt026@bucknell.edu

Yin (Nancy) Wang

Yin (Nancy) WangMajors:Chemical Engineering
Hometown: Dalian, China
Campus Activities: Languages & Cultures Residential College Resident Fellow; Residential Advisor; Alpha Lambda Delta honor society; Chemical Engineering TA; Chinese Culture Association President, American Institute for Chemical Engineers (AIChE)
Industry Interests: material science; petroleum engineering; pharmaceuticals; environment
E-mail: yw006@bucknell.edu

John (LJ) Westwood

John (LJ) WestwoodMajors: Accounting and Financial Management (CPA)
Minor: Mathematics
Hometown: Sewickley, PA
Campus Activities: Varsity Cross Country, Varsity Indoor Track and Field, and Varsity Outdoor Track and Field Teams, Academic Honor Roll in all three sports
Industry Interests: financial services, consulting, auditing, forensic accounting, and statistical studies
E-mail: jaw050@bucknell.edu