A Second Facility of the Nueva Vida Health Clinic was dedicated in March 2007

Health Clinic 1

A permanent facility serving the residents of Nueva Vida and Ciudad Sandino was dedicated by former Bucknell University President, Steffen Rogers in 2001 and a new building was officially dedicated in March 2007. Building and daily operation costs are largely funded through efforts of the Bucknell Brigade and its supporters. The health complex includes three exam rooms, a pharmacy, an herbal medicine room, a birthing room, a dental chair, and a functioning lab.

With over 10, 000 patient files , the clinic provides acute care and some chronic care for patients with asthma, diabetes and hypertension.

A Nicaraguan doctor works part-time at the clinic in Nueva Vida along with a part-time nurse practitioner. Staff provide a thorough medical  exam  to those who access the clinic, while the pharmacy provides tens of thousands of dollars worth of medicines and health care supplies.

When the Brigade is in Nicaragua, Dr. Don Stechschulte, Director of Student Health at Bucknell,  sees patients with the help of bi-lingual students who provide translation services. Bucknell students also work in the pharmacy to take inventory and distribute medicine.


Current List of Medicines Needed For the People's Pharmacy

Over the Counter Medicines

  • cough & cold for children and adults 

  • ibuprofren                                                                        

  • acetaminophen (especially infant and children)

  • antifungal creams

  • triple antibiotic ointment

  • hydrocortisone cream

  • naproxen sodium

  • antacids                          

  • vitamins (especially prenatal and children's)      

  • condoms

  • chewable pepto bismol tablets

Prescription Medications                 

  • antibiotics (specifically children's and broad spectrum like Cipro and Zithromax)

  • antihistamines

  • hypertensive meds (especially HCTZ 25mg and amlodipine 5mg)

  • gastritis medicines

  • anti inflammatories

  • expectorant for adults

  • diabetes meds (especially glipizide, glyburide, and posiglitazane)

  • antibiotic eye and ear drops


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