Irene Tsao

Why Bucknell?

"I had a friend a year older than me, and she really liked Bucknell. We used to drive to school, and we talked about colleges during car rides and how much she liked Bucknell. That name stayed with me as I went on to apply to college.

"I wanted a small school — one with business and engineering because at that point I wasn't sure which direction I wanted to go. I was pretty sure about getting an engineering degree, but I also wanted business classes because I ultimately may want to get an MBA. I looked at schools with good reputations and good faculty, and Bucknell just seemed like it was perfect. For me, it came down to the size of the school, the student-faculty interaction, and the ability to be involved here.

"I visited twice — once for a weekend and later for Admitted Students Day. It was so nice to take part in those sessions and listen to the professors talk about their classes. That got me excited."

Engineering and Management

"I knew I wanted an engineering background. I wanted a very good set of technical skills that would prepare me for the future and I wanted to learn a more methodical way of doing things. But I'm also very interested in entrepreneurship. I never thought I would do both engineering and management, but it's a great combination and there are so many possibilities.

"I was here during the summer for ILTM — Institute for Leadership in Technology Management. We worked on a 'green' initiative project, partnering with Playworld Systems Inc. to help them in define their environmental position — domestically and internationally — and to help them take the next step in being more environmentally friendly. I learned a lot and I now look at the corporate world with a different perspective."
Student activities

"I'm involved in a lot of student activities. Last year, I was an officer in the Chinese Cultural Association and International Council. I'm involved with the Society of Women Engineers, Students for Asian Awareness at Bucknell, and the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. And I'm in the Chi Omega sorority.

"For the Chinese Cultural Association, the biggest event of the year is the Chinese New Year's Festival. This year, I was in charge of planning and helped to cook the food and arrange the performances. We invited the whole campus to come and celebrate with us, and my greatest joy was seeing the value of team work and people in my club come together for the event.

"One thing I like about Bucknell is that you have time to explore and for personal growth. The people I've gotten to know have really challenged me in my way of thinking and challenged me in the way I think about myself in relation to them. Here, you can be in touch with a lot of different people and learn from them and that has been really valuable to me."

Bucknell University, Family Connection, December 2008, Student Profile



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