As a University community we understand sustainability to encompass principles and practices, at scales from local to global, that protect, maintain and increase the long term viability and resilience of our environmental, social and economic support systems. We recognize that our current societal trajectories are threatening these vital systems, and that the course we choose can lead us either towards inevitable crisis or towards a more just, equitable and abundant future. We at Bucknell acknowledge the threats and the opportunities inherent in our current situation, as well as the urgency and the moral imperative to intervene.

In this context, Bucknell University commits to act concretely and meaningfully in the full scope of its affairs to:

  • Foster ecological integrity, biodiversity, and environmental quality
  • Support fair, just, and equitable communities and societies
  • Commit to the ethical and responsible stewardship of our financial resources

We affirm the need for our university to demonstrate responsible leadership and scholarship in the above areas, and to achieve regional and national recognition as a sustainable institution. In accordance with Bucknell's mission " educate our students to serve the common good and promote justice in ways sensitive to the moral and ethical dimensions of life," we resolve to cultivate in our students and ourselves the imagination, innovation and conviction necessary to respond effectively to local and global challenges.