paintings See titles (works).

PDA Acceptable in all references for personal digital assistant.

PDF Acceptable in all references for portable document format.

percent The word should be used with a figure instead of the symbol (%), except in tabular material. Example: The office reported that 50 percent of the students voted.

Ph.D. Avoid acronym and describe instead as a doctorate, including the area of specialty when known. Example: He holds a doctorate in philosophy. See academic degrees.

Photoshop Trademark name for a brand of photo-editing software. Avoid using as a verb.

plays See titles (works).

podcast A web-based audio broadcast accessed through subscription on the Internet.

podium See lectern, podium, pulpit, rostrum.

poetry See titles (works).

possessives In general, add ’s to singular and plural nouns not ending in s. Add only an apostrophe to singular and plural nouns that end in an s. Examples: the student’s book, the team’s mascot, Jess’ paper, the professors’ classes.

pre-law, pre-med Lowercase with a hyphen.

premier, premiere Premier means first in rank or importance, or earliest. Premiere means first performance or showing. It should be avoided as a verb.

president Capitalize as a formal title before a name; otherwise lowercase. Brian C. Mitchell is the president of Bucknell University.

President’s House

press In deference to broadcast and electronic media, use news instead in phrases referring to media-related materials or events. Examples: news release, news conference.

professor Capitalize only when used as an official title before a name. When used as a title, the abbreviation Prof. is acceptable upon second reference. The use of ranks such as assistant professor and associate professor should only be used when pertinent to the context. ExamplesAssociate Professor of Sociology Jane Doe was recently promoted. A paper by Professor Jane Doe, sociology, was recently published in the American Journal of SociologyJohn Doe, professor of psychology, received the award. See academic titles.

Public Safety The official campus police department. Public Safety officers are sworn law enforcement officers with full law enforcement training and authority. They are not security guards and that term or any variation should never be used.

pulpit See lectern, podium, pulpit, rostrum.

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