Welcome to Bucknell University’s Engineering Corporate Relations Information Page 

Pat Mather Photo A Bucknell engineering education is distinguished by frequent interaction between students and faculty, and a strong laboratory component in the curricula. Our mission is to provide real-world projects in and out of the classroom by engaging engineering students in practical hands-on disciplinary and interdisciplinary educational experiences.

Existing within a vibrant and close-knit residential campus, Bucknell University’s nationally ranked College of Engineering offers enriching and gratifying experiences to its students. One such experience is the opportunity to collaborate with external partners, from nonprofits to start-ups to multinational corporations.

Our students enjoy close interactions with faculty mentors who are both accomplished teachers and distinguished experts in their fields. These robust relationships stimulate creativity and curiosity in our students as they seek solutions to vexing problems, preparing them to enter the job market ready to exert broad influence and impact across many sectors. Our industry partners also enjoy the benefits of the fresh perspectives and remarkable technical competencies these bright young people bring to collaborative projects.

We pride ourselves in developing impactful relationships between students, faculty, staff, alumni and our external industry partners. We look forward to working with you to provide a world-class partnership for the mutual benefit of our valued communities.

Patrick T. Mather
Richard E. Garman Dean
College of Engineering