BSG is divided into the Senate and House. Students are elected to the Senate by class year and serve on their respective class congresses. The House is comprised of six internal committees of elected delegates. Each of these committees and class congresses serve a unique function in improving different facets of University life. 

Class Congresses
The purpose of the Class Congress is to identify and address issues that pertain to each class year, promote class unity, and uphold traditions.

Academic Affairs  
The purpose of this committee is to handle issues related to faculty, classes, scheduling, curricula, student-professor relationships, and other academically related topics.

Community Affairs
The purpose of this committee is to strengthen relationships between the stu-dents and the Lewisburg community, thereby improving overall town-gown relations.

Diversity Affairs
The purpose of this committee is to unite members of Bucknell's diverse communities and BSG to create a forum charged with identifying key diversity related needs on campus. The committee will further the Plan for Bucknell's pledge to enhance diversity in all its forms through the co-sponsorship of programs and initiatives that will raise awareness for the various elements that exist on campus which make us diverse.

Public Affairs
The purpose of this committee is to act as the informational link between BSG and the student body as well as handling public relations, advertising, and forming partnerships with other organizations and departments on campus to promote student engagement.

Student Advocacy Committee
The purpose of this committee is to cover the evaluation, assessment, and improvement of every aspect of student life that is not academically related.

Student Organization Review Board (ORB)
The purpose of this committee is to act as the liaison between student organizations and BSG. This committee oversees the recognition and budget appointment of all student organizations and works for the betterment and efficiency of all student organizations.s

The purpose of this committee is to oversee all budgeting needs of recognized student organizations. This committee is lead by the VP Finance and consists of the BSG Executive Board, two hired accounts managers, three appointed senators, and six appointed (by application) at-large members.

The purpose of this committee is to focus on the internal functions of BSG, providing ongoing interpretation, maintenance, and improvement of all BSG documents.

*house delegates cannot be elected into these committees