Bucknell students are required to abide by the Bucknell University Honor Code and to maintain academic integrity in all work performed at Bucknell.

Academic Responsibility Orientation

In order to demonstrate your understanding of the principles of academic integrity, you will need to successfully complete an Academic Responsibility Orientation delivered via Moodle by Aug. 20. You can find an Orientation link on your Moodle dashboard. While you are in the Orientation tutorial, you may close the tutorial at any time and return to it by indicating when prompted that you would like to resume where you left off.

You must complete the Academic Responsibility Orientation successfully by Aug. 20 or there will be a hold on your enrollment for fall semester. This means that you will not be officially enrolled until you complete the orientation and the hold is cleared. Understanding academic honesty at Bucknell will benefit you in every course you take.

Please contact Jill Hallam-Miller at jbhm001@bucknell.edu if you have technical problems or questions about the tutorial.

Statement of Community Responsibility

In addition to this Orientation, you need to read, retype and electronically sign the "Statement of Community Responsibility" before fall classes begin. Part of this statement is that you accept the obligation of academic honesty.