It is very important that you be prepared when you begin completing your form.

Prior to completing your course selection:

  • If you are in the College of Arts & Sciences, hopefully you have already met with your Summer Academic Counselor.
  • If you are in the College of Engineering, you should have watched the first-year engineering video.
  • If you are in the Freeman College of Management, you should have participated in a webinar.
  • ALL students should have also reviewed the Model First-semester Programs.

There are several sections of online registration. Here's what you'll see and what you'll need to do:

1. Name and Email Address

Your name and email address will appear. You may update your non-Bucknell email address if you wish. Please note that any email communication from Bucknell will be sent to you via your Bucknell email address.

2. Degree Program

If space is provided, please enter your tentative major. Depending on the tentative major you indicated on your application for admission, you may have a choice of forms to complete. If you indicated physics, for example, you will have a choice of completing a Bachelor of Arts form or a Bachelor of Science form, since physics offers both degrees. Please use your letter from the department chair or program director, if you received one, and the Model First-semester Programs list as a guide for selecting your program of study and your courses. The form you submit will indicate to us the program you want to study at Bucknell.

If your tentative choice of major was political science, for example, you will be directed to a Bachelor of Arts form because there is no Bachelor of Science degree in that area. Similarly, you will be directed to only one form if you selected biochemistry, mathematical economics, neuroscience, engineering, bachelor of music or if you were admitted into the business administration degree program in the Freeman College of Management.

If you believe you are directed to a form for the wrong degree program, please refer to your letter of acceptance; it tells you into which program you were accepted. If you received the wrong form, please contact If you were accepted into a degree program but want to switch, you must submit a written request to the Office of Admissions ( Some degree programs are in high demand and change may not be possible at this time. You can also address major/degree program changes when you are on campus.

3. Foundation Seminar

Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Five-year Engineering Students: A Foundation Seminar course is a requirement for all students in the College of Arts & Sciences and the Freeman College of Management as well as five-year engineering students. In order of preference (first choice being #1) select 10 foundation seminar courses you are interested in taking.

Residential Colleges: To join a Residential College, you must select a foundation seminar offered by the college in which you are interested in joining. Contact the Residential Colleges office at 570.577.3320 with questions.

Special Consideration Regarding Foundation Seminar Selection: Music Education majors should consult with Professor Kimberly Councill (, before selecting their choices for Foundation Seminars to ensure that the selected seminars fulfill the relevant Pennsylvania Department of Education requirement. Engineering students: Five-year engineers may choose from all the Foundation Seminars. Other engineers may select only Residential College Foundation Seminars.

4. Required Courses

Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration or Engineering students: Your required courses have already been entered for you. You do not have to enter those. For example BS physics students will have MATH 201 and PHYS 211 preselected for them. You will still need to fill out the humanities and social science course selections. We will use these courses only if a pre-selected course does not need to be taken because of advanced placement or transfer credit.

Bachelor of Arts students: There are no pre-selected courses for these degree programs, but BA students in science and mathematics should see recommended courses in the Model First-semester Programs.

Education majors: Select recommended courses found in the Model First-semester Programs under BS Education.

5. Elective Courses

All students will be asked to select courses in the arts and humanities and social sciences divisions. Science majors will have science and math courses preselected for them, but non-science majors will also be asked to select courses in the natural sciences and mathematics division. If you have three preselected courses — for example, students submitting the BS in physics form will have MATH 201 and PHYS 211 already selected for them — the arts and humanities and social science course selections will still have to be completed. We will use these course selections only if a preselected course does not need to be taken because of transfer or advanced placement credits (for example, you receive credit for MATH 201 and will not continue the study of math).

6. Optional Courses

There is an area to request optional courses such as .50 credit dance courses and military science courses.

7. Advanced Placement and Transfer Credit

Advanced Placement: If you have taken advanced placement courses, please indicate that information in the appropriate area. This information may affect your schedule. It is important that it be reported. Bucknell's institutional code is 2050. The telephone number for the Educational Testing Service at Princeton is 888-225-5427.

Have ETS send the scores to the:
Office of the Registrar
Bucknell University
Lewisburg, PA 17837

Courses taken at other universities: If you completed courses at another university and your transcript has not been sent to Bucknell, please contact the university and have it forward an official transcript directly to:

Office of the Registrar
Bucknell University
Lewisburg, PA 17837

8. Completion

After you have completed your selections, all the courses you submitted will be displayed. Please print a copy of this report for your records. You may make changes until June 14. If you have questions about what you submitted, please contact or 570.577.1244.