American Sign Language, Arabic, Chinese, French & Francophone Studies, German Studies, Greek, Modern Hebrew, Italian Studies, Japanese, Latin, Russian Studies, Spanish

Every student in the College of Arts & Sciences is required to take at least one semester of a language. You may continue with a language you have already studied, start a new language or take a semester of language while studying abroad in a non-English-speaking country.

French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish

Placement will be made according to the results of an online placement test. During the registration process you will select three languages in order of preference. If you have had any previous experience in any of the languages listed here, you will take the online placement exam.

Before taking the placement exam and/or choosing a language, please take into consideration that, while SPAN 103 and all SPAN courses above meet the language requirement, SPAN 101 and SPAN 102 do not meet the College of Arts & Sciences and College of Management's general education language requirement (CCFL designation).

For Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, (Ancient) Greek and Japanese, please contact the faculty member listed on the Faculty Advisers List. Note that Chinese and Japanese are taught in the Department of East Asian Studies and (Ancient) Greek is taught in the Department of Classics & Ancient Mediterranean Studies.

For more information, please refer to the Arabic Studies Program, Department of Classics & Ancient Mediterranean Studies, Department of East Asian Studies, French & Francophone Studies Program, German Studies Program, Modern Hebrew Studies Program, Italian Studies Program, Russian Studies Program, or Department of Spanish.


Placement is made on the basis of the College Board SAT II Test in the language or, if you have not taken the SAT II test, according to the number of years of study. Not all courses are offered first semester; please refer to the course information online for course availability.

Years Studied

SAT II Score Range


0 - 1

0 - 400



401- 425



426 -600


4 or more

601 or above