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Learn from faculty in classrooms and labs and get hands-on experience with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, as you learn about scientific approaches, problems and breakthroughs.

Considering a major in math, science or engineering? Be sure to sign up for MATH 201 (Calculus I)

Non-stem majors wishing to study mathematics should wait until spring semester when a larger variety of courses will be available. (Included in the spring semester offerings, in addition to MATH 201: a course to introduce liberal arts students to mathematics from a humanist perspective, courses in calculus and statistics designed especially for economics, management and other social science students, and a course designed especially for prospective elementary school teachers.)

If you select MATH 201 and have not taken a year of high school or college calculus, be sure to indicate this on the First-year Registration online form. (Do not count precalculus as calculus.) Instructional materials for MATH 201 include the TI-89 graphing calculator. If you already own a different graphing calculator, you might not need to purchase a TI-89. Consult with your instructor when classes begin.

If you would like to be placed directly in a second or third semester calculus course, or perhaps in a more advanced course, simply sign up for MATH 201 and arrange to have any AP scores and college transcripts sent directly to the Registrar's office. We will automatically place you in the correct course and award you the proper credit. We grant placement to those who have earned credit for Calculus I and/or Calculus II by achieving a sufficiently high score on the Advanced Placement Test of the College Entrance Examination Board, and to those who are able to transfer credits from courses taken at other colleges. Many, although not all, college courses called "calculus" can transfer.

Considering a major in biology, chemistry, or cell biology/biochemistry or planning to complete pre-med course work? Plan to take chemistry in your first semester.