The requirements listed below outline the kinds of courses you will need to take your first year and beyond in order to complete your degree and graduate from Bucknell. These requirements are different from the required courses you must take to major or minor in a program.

University Credits Requirements to Graduate

  • College of Arts & Sciences - 32 credits
  • College of Engineering - 34 credits
  • Freeman College of Management - 32 credits 

University Writing Requirement

Students in all three Colleges must successfully complete three writing courses designated as W1 (one course) and W2 (two courses). The required W1 course must be taken in the first year and before a W2.

College of Arts & Sciences and Freeman College of Management: College Core Curriculum Requirements

Students have all four years to complete the requirements for the College Core Curriculum.

The abbreviations you see below in the list of College Core Curriculum requirements indicate which requirements a course fulfills; these will also appear on the course description pages in myBucknell. Some courses can fulfill more than one requirement, but it is not always possible to use the same course to fulfill two different requirements. Although you will see below and in course listings online which requirements a particular course fulfills, we are only asking you to make selections by division: Arts & Humanities, Social Sciences, and Natural Sciences & Mathematics.

1. Intellectual Skills

    • Foundation Seminar (FOUN or RESC) – required your first semester; all sections are W1 
    • Lab science (LBSC) – one course
    • Foreign language requirement (CCFL) – one course 
    • Integrated Perspectives course (CCIP) – taken in the sophomore year

2. Disciplinary Perspectives – two courses in each division; one must meet divisional learning goals

    • Arts & Humanities (AHLG or ARHC)
    • Social Sciences (SSLG or SLSC)
    • Natural Sciences & Mathematics (NMLG or NSMC) (in addition to lab science)

3. Tools for Critical Engagement

    • Diversity in the U.S. (DUSC) – one course 
    • Environmental Connections (EVCN) – one course
    • Global Connections (GBCC) – one course
    • Quantitative Reasoning (CCQR) – one course

4. Culminating Experience

    • One integrative course or equivalent experience in your major(s) in the senior year

College of Engineering Requirements

1. Engineering 100

2. Four course credits in mathematics

3. Four course credits in science (specified by department)

4. Must complete five courses in social sciences and arts & humanities.

    • One of the five courses must be a social science course and one must be an arts and humanities course.
    • Of these two courses, one may be further specified by the student's degree program.
    • The remaining three courses may be fulfilled by any combination of social science, arts and humanities, university courses, residential college courses, or foundation seminars.