To sign up for your courses, follow the below steps in order.

All incoming College of Arts & Sciences students will be assigned a Summer Academic Counselor (SAC). To see more about your SAC please login to myBucknell.

If you have questions about academics or course selection please ask your SAC or contact a Faculty Adviser for advice. You may want to watch a video from your fellow Bucknellians about the process Intro to College Of Arts And Sciences.

Preparing To Register (Sign up for Courses)

Step 1

Make an appointment with your SAC - by May 18 
If the answers to your questions about registration are not in the materials sent, you are invited to call in to a Login to myBucknell and click the Schedule An Appointment link in the Summer Academic Counselor gadget. The SAC will be available through June 14 to provide guidance on course selections, an overview of the curriculum and general academic assistance as you transition to college. After you meet with your SAC, you will select your courses.

Step 2

Review the Model First-semester Programs
Students who indicated an intended major in animal behavior, biology, chemistry, computer science, environmental geology, geology, mathematics or physics: These programs offer a choice of a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science degree. What is the difference between a bachelor of arts and a bachelor of science degree?

Step 3

Read the first-year course descriptions
These are the courses that will be available to you in your first semester. They can be found on the Course Information for First-year Students page.

Step 4

Become familiar with Bucknell's requirements
Review the University's general requirements so you know what to expect throughout your academic career. If you indicated on your application that you are interested in a particular major, become familiar with that program in the University Course Catalog. It is important, however, that you use the Course Information for First-year Students page to select your courses rather than the Course Catalog.

Step 5

Connect with your SAC
Connect with your SAC during your scheduled appointment and ask questions about completing your first-semester course selection. After June 14, please email or call 570.577.3293 with any questions.

Step 6

Course Worksheet for Arts & Sciences
It may be helpful if you have your selections written down prior to entering your courses online. Please use this form to prepare your course registration before you enter your courses in myBucknell.

Step 7

Complete your course selection - by June 14
It is now time to complete the online registration for your courses. It is now time to complete the online registration for your courses. Here is a step by step guide of what you will see on this form.