NOTE 1: Students are encouraged to complete requirements earlier than these deadlines and are urged to read carefully the guidelines for thesis preparation.

NOTE 2: Students who have an experiential semester planned during their spring semester senior year (e.g. Student Teaching), you may follow the Fall Graduate timeline. Please have your advisor specify this in the Intent to Direct a Thesis electronic form.

NOTE 3: All dates provided, if they occur on a weekend or holiday, the next business day is the official date to be used.

Letter of Intent to Direct a Thesis form and Letter of Nomination are due. The advisor completes the letter of intent to direct an Honors Thesis.

A separate, complete and signed Letter of Nomination from the student's major department or program must be emailed to the chair of the Honors Council.
April 20, penultimate year November 25
or before Thanksgiving Break
Final due date for Honors proposals from students graduating in May. No proposals will be accepted by the Council later than this date.

The Honors Council will provide proposal feedback in the form of approve, approve with comment, revise and resubmit, or reject to students and their advisors.
September 20 February 10
Students, with their advisors, complete a "Thesis Progress and Intent to Defend" electronic form, and select a co-advisor or second reader for the defense committee. March 1 October 5
Defense committees should be formed. Advisors, along with their students, should have appointed one committee member. Honors Council assigns, often from its membership, a representative who is from a department outside the student's major. March 5 October 10
Last day for submitting the completed thesis to the defense committee. April 1 November 5
Thesis defenses must be completed by this date. April 20 November 25, or before Thanksgiving break
Nominations from advisers for Miller Prize due to the Honors Council chair. April 25 November 30
The signed and completed Honors Thesis Defense form must be returned to the Honors Council chair. Last Day of Classes Last Day of Classes
The Honors Council and associated representatives will deliberate and decide the Miller Prize. Reading Day Reading Day
Final copy of Honors Thesis due using the Thesis Submission Form Thursday, the last day of final examinations Thursday, the last day of final examinations