To be accepted into the Honors Program, a student must submit an honors proposal for approval by the advisor, co-advisor or second reader in the student's major, and the Honors Council. See Proposal Preparation Guidelines for information about writing an Honors proposal. For students graduating in the spring, the proposals are due September 20.

The exact due dates for submitting proposals, submitting the completed thesis, and completing the oral examinations are indicated on the annual Honors Program Calendar.

The Honors Council will not accept proposals during the same semester the student expects to graduate.

For students wishing to use LaTex for their thesis LaTeX templates and class files are available at

If your research involves human subjects, your proposal will require approval by the Institutional Review Board (IRB). Some examples that some students or faculty might not think of include surveys and interviews. Usually, approval is straightforward for such projects. Many students in psychology, sociology, or education are working with human subjects, and their work often need more extensive review and approval by the IRB. Contact Matthew Slater, IRB Chair, at 570.577.2767 or for more information.