The Coalition for Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Education (“Coalition”) is the central coordinating committee that advises and assesses work regarding initiatives aimed at addressing sexual misconduct on campus. The Coalition was organized following the release of reports from the University’s Sexual Assault Task Force (2009), and Campus Climate Task Force (2011). The mission of this committee it to ensure that we continue to make progress regarding our prevention and response efforts relative to sexual assault, dating violence, and stalking, and that Bucknell is addressing these issues as comprehensively as possible.

The Coalition began meeting in July 2011, and meets regularly both as a team as well as periodically with various coalition partners as the team focuses on and reviews specific areas of concern or interest. The Coalition has been designed to be sufficiently representative but also to remain of a size that will allow it to be as efficient, flexible and responsive as possible to the needs of our campus community. The Coalition reports to the Provost, and communicates on a periodic basis with the Dean of Students.

Coalition Membership

Coalition Partners

The Coalition communicates and collaborates as a multidisciplinary campus alliance. As such, the Coalition will identify individuals representing the areas listed below as coalition partners who will be asked to periodically attend Coalition meetings to discuss their work and to have an open dialogue about potential areas for collaboration and/or improvement.

  • Research
  • Policy
  • Enforcement
  • Prevention Education
  • Crisis Response & Training

Coalition Campus Updates