Speak UP Bucknell offers a variety of programs and presentations designed to make students aware of the warning signs of sexual assault, dating violence and stalking, help them build understanding about consent and healthy relationships, and explore safe options to act as a positive bystander or help a friend who might have been affected by interpersonal violence. Learn about our educational approach and how these programs educate students.

A Prevention Workshop for Establishing a Community of Responsibility (90 minutes)

This program, presented to all incoming first-year students at Bucknell, provides an overview of positive bystander behavior, sexual violence, and how to practice positive bystander behavior. This interactive program focuses on helping students raise awareness of situations which might require intervention, and building positive bystander skills to empower them to intervene.

After completing this workshop, first year students are invited and strongly encouraged to participate in two follow-up bystander intervention workshops during their first year at Bucknell, which build upon what they’ve learned as well as their personal experiences.

Other workshops offered by Speak UP Bucknell include:

Healthy Relationships, Dating Violence, and Stalking (60 minutes)

This program provides information about dating violence and stalking prevention. Students will learn about the different types of dating violence, power and control strategies, and the honeymoon-tension-abuse cycle. Students will also learn about the tenets of healthy relationships, including consent and boundary setting, as well as how to help a friend who might be in an unhealthy or abusive relationship.

Speaking UP In Everyday Life (60 minutes)

This workshop focuses on becoming aware of, and addressing, societal attitudes that can contribute to sexual objectification, victim blaming, and the prevalence of sexual assault. Students will learn about microaggressions, sexist and racialized tropes, and sexual harassment, as well as acquire strategies to address these attitudes in a conversation.

Supporting a Survivor 101 (60 minutes)

This workshop provides an overview of the effects of trauma and provides strategies for students to support a friend who has experienced sexual misconduct (including sexual assault), relationship violence, or stalking. Students will learn more about how to support a friend, how to avoid victim-blaming, and gain in-depth knowledge about campus resources and procedures so that they can help guide others in seeking help and healing.

Student organizations, fraternity and sorority chapters, athletic teams, residence halls, and other student groups may schedule a Speak UP Workshop by emailing speakup@Bucknell.edu