Founded in 1987, Bucknell en France provides a unique opportunity for all Bucknell students, regardless of major, to enrich their Bucknell education by studying in France for a year or a semester.

The program is located in Tours, a prosperous and culturally rich city of 280,000 people situated in the very heart of France, 150 miles southwest of Paris in the Loire Valley. It is administered by the Bucknell University French faculty in cooperation with the Université François Rabelais in Tours.

Each semester, a Bucknell professor-in-residence, supported by a permanent program coordinator in Tours, accompanies 10-to-17 Bucknell students. The students live with host families, take courses in a wide-variety of disciplines, go on excursions, participate in cultural and athletic activities in the city, and travel on their own during vacations.

For approximately the same cost as a semester or year on campus, students can experience the best of France through Bucknell, and the best of Bucknell en France.