Educational Background

  • B.S., Stanford University
  • M.S., Stanford University
  • Ph.D., Stanford University

Research Interests

  • Mechanical behavior
  • Experimental measurements of avalanche behavior in solids
  • Bulk metallic glasses
  • Nanoindentation


  • Science of Materials (ENGR 240)
  • Mechanics I (MECH 220)
  • Solid Mechanics Laboratory (MECH 353L)

Selected Honors and Awards

  • Fellow, ASM International (2016)
  • National Science Foundation CAREER Award (2010)
  • Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (2005)
  • Stanford University's Walter J. Gores Award for Excellence in Teaching (2003)

Selected Publications

J.T. Uhl, S. Pathak, D. Schorlemmer, X. Liu, R. Swindeman, B.A.W. Brinkman, M. LeBlanc, G. Tsekenis, N. Friedman, R. Behringer, D. Denisov, P. Schall, X.J. Gu, W.J. Wright, T.C. Hufnagel, A. Jennings, J.R. Greer, P.K. Liaw, T. Becker, Y. Ben-Zion, G. Dresen, and K.A. Dahmen, "Universal Slip Statistics: From Nanocrystals to Earthquakes," Scientific Reports, 5, 16493 2015. 

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J. Antonaglia, W.J. Wright, X.J. Gu, R.R. Byer, T.C. Hufnagel, M. LeBlanc, J.T. Uhl, and K.A. Dahmen, "Bulk Metallic Glasses Deform Via Slip Avalanches." Physical Review Letters, 112, 155501, 2014.

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W.J. Wright, M.W. Samale, T.C. Hufnagel, M.M. LeBlanc, and J.N. Florando. "Determination of Shear Band Velocity Using Spatially and Temporally Resolved Measurements of Strain During Quasistatic Compression of a Bulk Metallic Glass." Acta Materialia, Volume 57, pp. 4639-4648, 2009.

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W.J. Wright and W.D. Nix, "Storage and Loss Stiffnesses and Moduli as Determined by Dynamic Nanoindentation." Journal of Materials Research, Volume 24, Number 3, pp. 863-871, 2009.

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H. Mahfuz, A. Adnan, V.K. Rangari, M.M. Hasan, S. Jeelani, W.J. Wright, and S.J. DeTeresa. "Enhancement of Strength and Stiffness of Nylon 6 Filaments through Carbon Nanotube Reinforcement." Applied Physics Letters, Volume 88, 083119, 2006.

W.J. Wright, T.C. Hufnagel, and W.D. Nix. "Free Volume Coalescence and Void Formation in Shear Bands in Metallic Glass." Journal of Applied Physics, Volume 93, Number 3, pp. 1432-1437, 2003.

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W.J. Wright, R.B. Schwarz, and W.D. Nix. "Localized Heating During Serrated Plastic Flow in Bulk Metallic Glasses." Materials Science and Engineering A, Volume 319-321, pp. 229-232, 2001.


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