Alumni-Student Network Night

Overview of Career Networking Night

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The Career Networking Night Program involves 40 to 50 alumni, parents, and friends of the Engineering College who volunteer to return to campus and interact in an informal and relaxed setting with current engineering students, sharing general career advice and suggestions.  The event is held concurrently with National Engineers Week and the College of Engineering/BEAA activities. 

The program goal is to provide engineering students with information about a variety of career fields, both engineering and non-engineering, so that they are able to make better decisions about which career path to choose.  This is where alumni support is crucial to the success of this effort. The event is structured to allow alumni and students to talk to one another in an informal and relaxed setting about an alumni's represented career field, what it entails, its future, typical volunteer, internship or entry level positions, and other pearls of wisdom they might want to share.  This is an outstanding opportunity to help Bucknell students with this exciting, yet challenging decision-making process while engaging our alumni with Bucknell and the College of Engineering.

Following the Career Network Night event, all alumni participants will be invited to join the College of Engineering's student dinner in celebration of National Engineers Week which allows the interaction between alumni and students to continue on throughout the evening.

If you would like to volunteer for this important program, please complete the Volunteer Response Form.  If you would like additional information before volunteering, please feel free to contact Lois Engle at 570-577-3162 or at