ScottThe winter meeting of the Bucknell Engineering Alumni Association (BEAA) was held on Feb. 27-28. In addition to their meeting, BEAA members participated in meetings with the faculty in their respective disciplines, connected with students at the Annual Engineering Career Networking Event, and supported the Engineering Design Challenge. These successful events, held on campus during National Engineers Week, promoted the interaction of ~40 engineering faculty and 120 engineering students with 57 alumni.

The Career Network Event gives all students, from first-year through graduate students, the opportunity to learn from the experiences of our alumni whose careers range from the traditional engineering disciplines to the legal, financial, medical, and other professions. Students can broaden their exposure to numerous possible career paths, get advice about industry trends, and start networks with alumni. Although not the intent, the event has also led to internships and possible job opportunities.

This year the BEAA also participated in the Engineering Design Challenge led by Professors Eric Kennedy, Nate Siegel, and David Cipoletti. The event involved 25 students in nine teams who were tasked to build and race a remote-controlled hovercraft. The learning objective provided students with the opportunity to gain familiarity with RC components (motors, speed controllers, servos) and fabrication techniques including laser cutting and electronics fabrications. The hovercrafts were judged for speed of straightaway, speed of loop course, and innovative design (judged by alumni participants). 

With the growing student and alumni interest in participating in these events, these endeavors are another important link between the academic and professional worlds. In continuing this momentum, the BEAA will continue to expand these events in the future and are always seeking alumni volunteers to participate in these fun and collaborative events.