Congratulations on a terrific victory in Danville at the first of two pumpkin pitch events! For those of you who haven't heard, the Bucknell team including Kyle Montgomery (MECH), Nadia Vedder (CENG/Grad), Joe Pagliaro (MECH), and Keyi Zhang (CSCI) took first place out of five teams with a best-throw of 177 yards using 500 lbs. of weight and a 5.5 lb. pumpkin. The next closest team came in at 111 yards using a pumpkin of similar size and 1200 lbs. of counterweight; our machine achieved three times the efficiency of the second place team based on these numbers.

The rigor that we applied in designing the trebuchet, developing kinematic models, validating them, testing, and updating the models prior to the competition, really paid off. At some point Kyle indicated that we were throwing within 4 yards of predictions made with the model...very impressive. Our engineering best-practices completely dominated our competition.

Read about our success -- The Daily Item.

We have another event on Nov. 2 at Ard's farm at 9 a.m. Join us!