Brett Collins

Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Representation theory and algebraic combinatorics

I joined Bucknell in the fall of 2019 after a one year teaching position at Fitchburg State University and completing my Ph.D. in 2018.

Educational Background

  • University of Missouri-Columbia, Ph.D.
  • University of Missouri-Columbia, M.A.
  • Truman State University, B.A.

Research interests

My research is in the algebraic, geometric, and combinatorial properties of finite-dimensional algebras. More specifically, I work in quiver invariant theory and use a wide variety of techniques from various areas, including representation theory, algebraic combinatorics, invariant theory, and complexity theory, in order to better understand certain numerical values called Littlewood-Richardson coefficients, which appear widely in math and physics.

Another area of interest of mine is tilting theory, which has proven to be an extremely useful tool in representation theory by relating the data of one algebraic object to that of another. I'm also interested in exploring connections between representation theory, commutative algebra, and homological algebra.

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