Eddy Ng

Eddy Ng

James and Elizabeth Freeman Professor of Management
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Educational Background

  • Ph.D., McMaster University
  • M.B.A., Simon Fraser University
  • B.Com., The University of British Columbia

Research Interests

  • Managing Diversity for Organizational Competitiveness
  • Changing Nature of Work and Organizations
  • Managing across Generations


COVID-19 Telework Study Report

Employment Gaps and Underemployment for Racialized Groups and Immigrants in Canada

National Diversity and Inclusion Benchmarking Study Senior Leaders and Diversity Personnel

Selected Publications

Dahms, S., Kingkaew, S., & Ng, E.S. (forthcoming). The effects of top management team national diversity and institutional uncertainty on subsidiary CSR focus and performance.  Journal of Business Ethics

Ng, E.S., & Sears. G. (2020). Walking the talk on diversity: CEO beliefs, moral values, and the implementation of workplace diversity practices. Journal of Business Ethics, 164(3), 437-450.

Ng, E.S., & McGinnis Johnson, J. (2020).  Game of loans: The relationship between education debt and making a career choice in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly, 49(2), 292-315.

Rajendran, D., Ng, E.S., Sears, G., & Ayub, N. (2020). Determinants of migrant career success: A study of recent skilled migrants in Australia.  International Migration, 58(2), 30-51.

Ng, E.S. & Sears, G.J. (2017).  The glass ceiling in context: The influence of CEO gender, recruitment practices, and firm internationalization on the representation of women in management.  Human Resource Management Journal, 27(1), 133-151.

McGowan, R.A., & Ng, E.S.W. (2016).  Employment equity in Canada: Making sense of employee discourses of misunderstanding, resistance, and support.  Canadian Public Administration, 59(2), 310-329.

Ng, E.S. & Metz, I. (2015).  Multiculturalism as a strategy for national competitiveness: The case for Canada and Australia.  Journal of Business Ethics, 128(2), 253-266. 

Burke, R.J., Ng, E.S., & Wolpin, J. (2015).  Economic austerity and healthcare restructuring: Correlates and consequences of nursing staff job insecurity.  International Journal of Human Resource Management, 26(5), 640-656

Lewis, G.B., & Ng, E.S. (2013).  Sexual orientation, work values, pay, and preference for public and nonprofit employment: Evidence from Canadian postsecondary students.  Canadian Public Administration, 56(4), 541-564.

Konrad, A.M., Moore, M.E., Ng, E.S.W., Doherty, A.J., & Breward, K. (2013).  Temporary work, underemployment, and workplace accommodations:  Relationship to well-being for workers with disabilities.  British Journal of Management, 24(3), 367-382.

Ng, E.S., & Sears, G.J. (2012).  CEO leadership styles and the implementation of organizational diversity practices: Moderating effects of social values and age.  Journal of Business Ethics, 105(1), 41-52.

Moore, M.E., Konrad, A.M., Yang, Y., Ng, E.S.W., & Doherty, A.J. (2011).  The vocational wellbeing of workers with childhood onset disability: Life satisfaction and perceived workplace discrimination.  Journal of Vocational Behavior, 79(3), 681-698.

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Ng, E.S.W., Schweitzer, L., & Lyons, S.T. (2010).  New generation, great expectations: A field study of the millennial generation in Canada.  Journal of Business and Psychology, 25(2), 281-292.

Ng, E.S.W., & Sears, G.J. (2010).  What women and ethnic minorities want: Work values and labour market confidence.  A self-determination perspective. International Journal of Human Resource Management, 21(5), 677-699.


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