Harold Battenberg

Harold Battenberg

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About Harold Battenberg

SFC H. Dean Battenberg Jr. is a Native of Jacksonville, FL. He graduated from Northrop High School in Ft. Wayne, IN in 1994. In November 1996, SFC Battenberg enlisted in the United States Army as a 12B (Combat Engineer). 

SFC Battenberg completed One Station Unit Training at Ft. Leonard Wood, MO. His first Army Assignment was B Co. 41st Engineer Battalion FT Drum NY. He has since served in various positions and duty stations: Fire Team SAW gunner, C Co. 54th EN BN; Driver, C Co. 54th EN BN; Driver S-3, 54th EN BN; Team Leader, HHC 1st BN 21st IN REG, MFO Egypt; Team Leader, C Co. 65th EN BN; Retention NCO, HHC 65th EN BN; Team Leader, C Co. 65th EN BN; Student, C Co. SWFTG; Squad Leader, B Co. 27th EN BN OEF VI Afghanistan; Company Operations NCO, HHC 27th EN BN; Senior Drill Sergeant, A Co. 35th EN BN; Senior Drill Sergeant Leader, USA Drill Sergeant School; Platoon Sergeant, 57th Sapper Co. (Rough Terrain) OEF XIII Afghanistan; Company Operations NCO, 161st ESC; Battalion Operations NCO, 27th EN BN and Brigade Master Jump Master, 20th EN BDE. SFC Battenberg’s current duty position is Military Science Instructor and Military History Instructor 2nd Brigade ROTC, Bucknell University, Lewisburg, PA. 

SFC Battenberg is a graduate of the Military History Instructors Course; the Foundation Instructor Facilitator Course; Master Jump Master course; OPSEC level II; Jump Master School; Master Resiliency Trainer course; Combat Engineer Senior Leader Course; Sexual Harassment, Assault Response and Prevention course, Army Combatives Level II, Equal Opportunity Leader Course; Small Group Instructor Training course; Field Sanitation; Drill Sergeant school; Total Army Instructor Training course; Army Combatives Level I, Urban Mobility Breacher course; Advanced Land Navigation course; Advanced Leader course; Squad Designated Marksman; Basic Airborne; US Army Basic Leader Course; Combat Life Saver; OSUT Combat Engineer.

SFC Battenberg is married to his wife Melony and they have seven children. Their hobbies include Scouting, hiking, backpacking trips, and biking. 

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