J Batbaatar

Jigjidsurengiin Batbaatar

Visiting Assistant Professor of Geology & Environmental Geosciences
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About Jigjidsurengiin Batbaatar

Educational Background

  • Ph.D., University of Washington, Seattle, WA
  • M.S., Mongolian University of Science and Technology, Ulaanbaatar
  • B.S., Mongolian University of Science and Technology, Ulaanbaatar

Teaching Interests

  • Physical and Environmental Geology
  • Geomorphology and Geochronology
  • Remote Sensing Methods in Earth Sciences

Research Interests

  • Geomorphology and history of ancient glaciers in Central Asia
  • Paleoclimate reconstruction from glacier records
  • Developing remote sensing to detect permafrost and frozen ground
  • Landscape evolution in glacial and periglacial conditions

Selected Publications

Batbaatar, J., Gillespie, A.R., Koppes, M., Clark, D.H., Chadwick, O.A., Fink, D., Matmon, A., and Rupper, S. (2020). Glacier development in continental climate regions of central Asia, in Waitt, R.B., Thackray, G.D., and Gillespie, A.R., eds., Untangling the Quaternary Period: A Legacy of Stephen C. Porter: Geological Society of America Special Paper 548, 119–149.

Batbaatar, J., Gillespie, A.R., Sletten, R.S., Mushkin, A., Amit, R., Trombotto Liaudat, D., Liu, L., and Petrie, G. (2020). Toward the detection of permafrost using land-surface temperature mapping. Remote Sensing 12, 695.

Batbaatar, J., Gillespie, A.R., Fink, D., Matmon, A., and Fujioka, T. (2018). Asynchronous glaciations in arid continental climate. Quaternary Science Reviews 182, 1–19.

Batbaatar, J. and Gillespie, A.R. (2016). Outburst floods of the Maly Yenisei. Part II – new age constraints from Darhad basin. International Geology Review 58, 1753–1779.

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