Kelly Shaw

Kelly Shaw

Staff Psychologist
Professional Interests: Relationships, Identity/Values Development, Mindful Self-Compassion
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About Kelly Shaw

Dr. Kelly Shaw earned her doctorate in Clinical Psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology and is licensed as a Psychologist in Pennsylvania.

Kelly has worked in several college counseling centers at both public and private universities, and recognizes the unique experience of being a college student — the exciting moments and the challenges of this phase of life. When providing clinical therapy services, whether individual or group therapy, Kelly seeks to develop a working relationship with clients that allows them to feels safe and valued. When we feel safe, we are often able to lower our defenses, open up and explore issues of concern and make positive changes along the way. Recognizing that we are growing and changing all the time, Kelly strives to empower clients to develop goals that are personally relevant to each individual based on their life's circumstances (not someone else's idea of who they should be). With an emphasis on supporting health identity development and authentic relationships, Kelly uses a variety of therapeutic techniques to help each client live a meaningful life congruent with their values.

Kelly also enjoys engaging with students and other members of the community at campus events and CSDC workshops.

In her free time, Kelly enjoys adventuring near and far, dangling a feather-on-a-stick in front of her cat, the occasional Netflix binge, and floating down rivers in a kayak.

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