LaSandra Ward

LaSandra Ward

Staff Psychologist
Professional Interests: BIPOC, Identity development, Career development, Family/Romantic/Social relationships, Academic/Executive skills
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About LaSandra Ward

Dr. LaSandra Ward, a Staff Psychologist, completed her Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology at West Virginia University.  Her academic and career histories are steeped in student affairs and student development, and she has served at multiple university counseling centers.  It thrills her to work with students and foster the exploration and development of their personal and career identities, especially students who are challenged to develop in the face of social and systemic adversity, oppression, and marginalization.  She uses her understanding of psychology and counseling to help students grow past barriers of fear, deception, rejection, trauma, mental illness, family/social dynamics, and more, towards self-realization and self-actualization and the embrace of purpose, commitment, and life engagement as it pertains to identity, love, career, and one’s contribution to society.  In addition to psychological counseling, she appreciates serving through outreach, supervision, committees, and various university administrative tasks. 

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