Mark Sheftall

Mark Sheftall

Associate Professor of History
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Educational Background

  • Ph.D., Duke University, 2002
  • M.A., University of Georgia, 1993
  • A.B.J., University of Georgia, 1990

Teaching Specialties

  • War and society
  • Modern Britain
  • British Empire
  • Modern European history

Research Interests

Professor Sheftall's research focuses broadly on the relationship between war and social and cultural change in the modern world, and more specifically on World War I as a defining example of that phenomenon.

In 2009, I.B. Tauris published his book, Altered Memories of the Great War: Divergent Narratives in Britain, Australia, New Zealand and Canada, which compares the ways in which Britons, Canadians, Australians and New Zealanders during the First World War and inter-war years imagined and rendered, within their respective cultures, the experience of the Great War.