Michael Reeks

Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Representation theory and algebraic combinatorics

About Michael Reeks

I started at Bucknell in Fall 2019. Before coming here, I got my Ph.D at the University of Virginia and was a postdoc at the University of Ottawa.

Educational Background

  • University of Virginia, Ph.D
  • Macalester College, B.A.

Research interests

My research interests lie at the intersection of representation theory and algebraic combinatorics. Representation theory studies algebraic structures like groups and algebras by representing them as linear transformations acting on vector spaces. This approach turns out to be powerful and broadly applicable, in part because it allows us to use our knowledge of linear algebra to investigate more nonlinear phenomena. On the other hand, algebraic combinatorics provides insights about algebraic structures by investigating associated combinatorial notions, such as symmetric functions and planar diagrammatics. These combinatorial methods are often the key to understanding difficult problems in representation theory.

Teaching Interests


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