Pat Mather

Patrick Mather

Dean of Engineering
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Patrick T. Mather holds his doctorate in materials engineering from the University of California, Santa Barbara. He came to Bucknell from Syracuse University, where he led the creation of and served as the founding director of the Syracuse Biomaterials Institute, an interdisciplinary center with more than 20 faculty spanning three institutions and eight departments, including Syracuse's L.C. Smith College of Engineering & Computer Science and its College of Arts & Sciences. He was also the Milton & Ann Stevenson Professor of Biomedical & Chemical Engineering and previously held the position of faculty chair of Syracuse's engineering college.

Prior to Syracuse, Mather was a tenured faculty member at both the University of Connecticut and Case Western Reserve University. He's written more than 145 peer-reviewed papers, is an inventor on more than 35 patents, and is a Fellow of both the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering and the Society of Plastics Engineering. He has directed over 100 undergraduate thesis projects.

Educational Background

  • B.S. Engineering Science, Penn State University 1989
  • M.S. Engineering Mechanics, Penn State University 1990
  • Ph.D. Materials Engineering, U.C. Santa Barbara 1994

Teaching Interests

  • Fluid Transport
  • Heat and Mass Transfer
  • Polymer Physics
  • Complex Fluids

Research Interests

  • Polymeric Biomaterials
  • Shape Memory and Self-Healing Polymers
  • Electrospinning of Polymeric Composites
  • Biodegradable Medical Devices

Selected Publications

Citations = 16,009; h-index = 67; i-10 index = 172 (Google Scholar Citation Profile)

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