Richard Kedzior

Richard Kedzior

Assistant Professor of Markets, Innovation & Design
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Educational Background

  • Ph.D., Hanken School of Economics
  • M.Sc., Warsaw School of Economics

Research Interests

  • Consumer culture and consumer behavior
  • Intersection of technology and marketing
  • Individual, social and collective consumer identities

Teaching Interests

  • Marketing management
  • Consumer behavior
  • Social media marketing

Selected Publications

Kedzior, Richard, and Douglas E Allen. 2016. "From Liberation to Control: Understanding the Selfie Experience" 50 (9/10). European Journal of Marketing: 1893-1902.

Kedzior, Richard, Douglas E Allen, and Jonathan Schroeder. 2016. "The Selfie Phenomenon - Consumer Identities in the Social Media Marketplace" 50 (9/10). European Journal of Marketing: 1767-72.

Kedzior, Richard. 2015. "The Nordic School's Service Logic As an Inspiration for Materiality-Oriented Consumer Research." In The Nordic School - Service Marketing And Management for the Future, edited by J. Gummerus and C. von Koskull, 191-94.

Helsink, Finland: Hanken School of Economics. Kedzior, Richard. 2015. "Digital Materiality: A Phenomenological Exploration." In , 43:275-81. Advances in Consumer Research.

Kedzior, Richard. 2013. "Materializing The Spiritual - Investigating the Role of Marketplace in Creating Opportunities for the Consumption of Spiritual Experiences." In Spirituality &Amp; Consumption, edited by D. Rinallo L.Scott and P. Maclaran. New York, New York: Routledge.

Scaraboto, Daiane, Leah Carter-Schneider, and Richard Kedzior. 2013. "At World's End: Exploring Consumer-Marketer Tensions in the Closure of Adverworlds" 29 (13-14). Journal of Marketing Management: 1518-41.


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