Department fundraisers are an excellent way to have fun with colleagues while increasing support of the Faculty & Staff Campaign. These fundraisers provide an opportunity for a department’s faculty and staff members to make an additional impact by strengthening a sense of campus community, and ensuring that programs and departments at Bucknell continue to thrive. Department fundraisers are intended to be an inclusive environment that encourage, but do not require, members of a specific department to participate in the Faculty & Staff Campaign. 

Tips for Getting Started

  • Choose a fundraiser coordinator from your department. It is helpful to have one point person for communicating fundraiser details to department faculty and staff members, collecting contributions and tracking participants.
  • Determine details for your department fundraiser including structure of fundraiser, date(s), time(s) and designation(s) to highlight.
  • Develop a plan to communicate the details of the fundraiser to the entire department, i.e. emails, posters, department meeting, flyers, etc.
  • Review the Department Fundraising Guidelines.
  • Review the Department Fundraising Form and keep track of participants.
  • Secure funds in a locked bank bag or desk drawer. Never deposit funds into a personal or department account.
  • Email with any questions you may have.

Fundraiser Ideas

  • Dress-down Day: Select a date and encourage faculty and staff members to make a gift in order to participate. You may wish to suggest a minimum gift amount.
  • Bucknell Spirit Day: Select a date and encourage colleagues to make a gift and wear their most Bucknell-inspired garb. Consider adding a voting element for the "most unique," "most orange and blue," "most Bucknell bling," etc. Take pictures and announce the “Title Winners” at the next department meeting or through email!
  • Game Time: Hold a department-wide spelling bee, trivia or checkers contest. Faculty and staff can make a gift to participate or to vote on who they anticipate the winner will be. Make a poster or crown for the winner to take home with their bragging rights!
  • Hoopla: Select several designations such as a program, department, financial aid or the Bucknell Fund. Make a ring toss or pitching game out of office supplies with sections for each designation. Have faculty and staff members make a financial contribution in order to participate. Track the number of participants who land on each designation and donate the money raised to the winning designation.
  • Bowl-a-Thon: Select a date for a department bowling party. Have participants make a pledge based on their score — for example, 25 cents, 50 cents or a dollar per pin. Collect their contributions following the event. The cost of bowling will not be included in their gift amount.

Is there an event or activity already taking place on campus that you think would be a great opportunity for a department fundraiser, but are unsure of how to make it happen? Feel free to call Mary Marshall at 570.577.3154, or email to discuss options.