Ralph and Geralyn Della Cava P'14Since their daughter, Nicole '14, enrolled at Bucknell in 2010, Ralph and Geralyn Della Cava have been regular donors to the Parents Fund. They've hosted Bison gatherings in addition to parents events, served on the Parents Board and helped the Career Development Center's job recruitment efforts for students. Most recently, they created the Della Cava Family Scholarship as part of the Malesardi Match to motivate other donors, including parents, to consider making need-based scholarship gifts.

"Nicole had a tremendous experience both educationally and socially. When we look back, we are delighted at her continued growth and are appreciative to Bucknell for creating this wonderful environment," said Ralph Della Cava. "We were so pleased with the fit between Bucknell and our daughter that our gift was an easy decision for us. The added bonus is that the gift will be matched."

"Geralyn and I don't want financial hardship to prevent other students from enjoying the positive experience of Bucknell. If our gift opens the doors to others, it will be very fulfilling to our family," he said.