The strategic growth of the college demands that we provide faculty and students with the optimal environment for contemporary teaching and learning. Our planned state-of-the-art structure will provide at least 700 students and more than 50 faculty and staff with flexible, technology-ready spaces for collaborations within classes, across campus and around the world.

The building will feature five spaces crucial to the enhancement of management programs, including:

  • A new lab for Management 101, the college's signature course, which draws approximately one quarter of all Bucknell students across majors
  • A design studio for Markets, Innovation & Design students, where they can share ideas and bring their creative visions to fruition
  • An enhanced lab for the Student Managed Investment Fund, including more space for the college's 12 Bloomberg terminals - the industry standard for financial services professionals and a crucial tool for Student Managed Investment Fund students as they manage nearly $2 million of the University's endowment
  • A new data analytics lab, which is vital to preparing students for a world that increasingly makes decisions and tells its stories with "big data"
  • A 216-seat auditorium, which will enable us to further integrate experiential learning into our curricula by expanding programs that bring Bucknell's accomplished alumni back to campus to share their paths to leadership and bridge the gap between students and real-world organizations

paintbrushThe new facility will also house the Department of Art & Art History, enabling us to expand on the innovative collaborations that exist between the two programs, in keeping with Bucknell's strong liberal arts tradition.