Gifts to Bucknell allow us to create and provide transformative learning experiences for our students. — Kim Daubman, Professor of Psychology and Faculty Chair

Help inspire giving and improve learning

There is no purer or more powerful fundraising message than the commitment of volunteers. As a volunteer, you demonstrate both a belief in the University and a desire to help it become even stronger. You have the ability to reach alumni and friends of the University in a way that no one else can.

Whether you're inspired by a sense of pride, a commitment to the ideals of higher education, or simply the feeling of camaraderie and accomplishment that comes with working toward an important goal, your gift of time, energy and enthusiasm is incredibly valuable to Bucknell. We hope that it will also be valuable to you as a rewarding experience and a way of connecting with the Bucknell community.

Ways to participate

Here are just a few examples of ways you can get involved. You can: