Higher expectations? Hire a Bucknellian.

If you're connected to Bucknell, you already know: Bucknellians are a highly talented, highly motivated group — making our graduates highly desirable new employees. That's why savvy employers choose to recruit here. They certainly don't need a taller stack of resumes or a longer parade of job candidates. They need just a few really good ones, and they find them at Bucknell.

Looking for a little more experience in addition to talent? Bucknell's alumni community is 50,000 strong. You'll find our graduates living and working in every state and nearly 100 countries. They include a 1998 Pulitzer Prize recipient, chief executive officer of CBS Corp., CEO of Children's Place, the founder of LendingTree.com, a co-founder of The Home Depot and the first chief technology officer for PBS.

Whether your ideal job candidate is on campus or on another continent, Bucknell's Career Development Center will work efficiently and effectively to help you connect.