Chris Brown ’81, P’12, Katrina Butt ’13, John Luthi ’04 and Aleem Naqvi ’12

Each year, the Bucknell Investment Conference brings together a powerhouse of Bucknell expertise in the finance industry. It is a field in which Bucknell is well known for producing alumni of high achievement and industry knowledge, individuals who are leaders in banking, investment, real estate and more. “Among these Bucknellians, there is a fantastic willingness to share their investment insights with the University,” says Bucknell’s chief investment officer, Chris Brown ’81, P’12.

Brown manages the Bucknell endowment along with John Luthi ’04, the University’s trustee Investment Committee and a team of professional money managers. The endowment is a pool of nearly 1,000 individual funds invested for what Brown calls “intergenerational equity”— a baseline assurance of the excellence  of the Bucknell experience for today’s and tomorrow’s students. That means striking the right balance between investing for long-term growth and protecting the fund during turbulent market periods. But with so much in- house expertise, why go beyond campus to Bucknell’s wider investment community?

Brown says, “In the broader Bucknell family of 50,000 people there is abundant investment acumen. We wanted to reach out beyond our small circle. The results have been wonderful, including introductions to potential new money managers.” You might say it’s the difference between mere due diligence and Bucknell’s above-and-beyond stewardship of our most important financial assets.

That diligence also inspires Bucknell to reach into the current student population to develop future expertise. These students are prepared and talented, like Katrina Butt ’13, an executive intern and participant in the University’s signature two-semester experiential course, the Student Managed Investment Fund (SMIF). SMIF students manage approximately $850,000 of Bucknell’s endowment and gain the intellectual and practical experiences of running a small investment company with Bucknell as the client. Graduates, who often have gone on to careers in financial services, frequently credit SMIF as the most powerful learning experience they had at Bucknell.

Indeed, Brown recently jumped at the chance to hire another SMIF graduate, Aleem Naqvi ’12, as the University’s newest investment analyst. “We want the best,” says Brown. “Aleem is a great addition to our team.”