When an emergency situation presents a threat to the health and safety of Bucknell’s campus community, the University will notify students, faculty and staff through a variety of channels, including text messages and pre-recorded phone messages. In order to receive those urgent messages, you must sign up for B-Alert. All members of the campus community are strongly encouraged to sign up for B-Alert. B-Alert will only be activated during incidents that pose a serious, ongoing or immediate threat to the campus community.

In addition to text alerts, the University may also provide warnings and emergency notifications via email, on its website and on official University social media channels. During an incident, you can view the most updated information by visiting bucknell.edu/emergency.

To enter or update your B-Alert cell phone number

Login to myBucknell and click on Banner Web -> Personal Information -> Cell Phone and Emergency Notification Maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions About B-Alert

Question: How do I sign up to receive text messages during an emergency?
Answer: You can click here and enter your contact information. Remember, in order to receive the alerts, you must enter YOUR cell phone number

Q: Do I need to register for B-Alert each year?
A: No. The information you provide is saved from year to year. To ensure that the information is current and accurate, please review and, if necessary, update your contact information at the beginning of each semester by visiting this page.

Q: Is this the same as my emergency contact number?
A: No. The B-Alert number is YOUR cell phone number so that the University can contact you in the event of an emergency on or near campus. Your emergency contact number is the number of the person the University should contact (often a parent or guardian) if you experience a medical or other emergency.

Q: Who will have access to my cell phone number?
A: The Office of Public Safety will have access to your contact information for the sole purpose of providing warnings and emergency notifications through text and phone messages. Library & Information Technology will only access the system to perform regular maintenance and as-needed troubleshooting.

Q: How is this different from the Missing Student Contact information?
A: The Missing Student Contact information is the name and number of the person you want the University to contact if you are determined to be missing.

Q: What if I have a problem registering?
A: If you're experiencing any problems with registration, please contact the Library Information & Technology Help Desk at (570) 577-7777.

Q: What if I don't have a cell phone, or I can't be reached on my cell phone during an emergency?
A: In the event of an emergency that poses an imminent threat to the campus community, the University will also send email alerts and post alerts to both the University website and its official social media channels. The Office of Public Safety may also activate the campus public address system, depending on the specific incident.

Q: Will my contact information be used for other purposes?
A: The contact information you provide for B-Alert will not be used elsewhere without your explicit permission.

Q: How can my parents and guardians receive notifications during an emergency on or near campus?
A: When you visit this page and enter your contact information, you'll also be able to enter two additional phone numbers. We strongly discourage individuals from calling the Office of Public Safety for updates during an emergency. During such an incident, please only call Public Safety if you have information pertinent to the emergency situation. Our public safety officers will be busy dealing with the incident, and unable to provide updates to callers. Family and friends who are off campus and want to stay updated on an ongoing emergency situation should continue to visit bucknell.edu/emergency, which will contain the most up-to-date information available.

If you have additional questions about receiving emergency notifications, please contact the Office of Public Safety