The Susquehanna Writers Institute began in the summer of 2009 with support from the John Ben Snow Trust. Select students participated in an intense workshop on nonfiction writing to develop narrative content material for online projects in oral history, nature writing, and "deep mapping" of cultural landscapes.

2009 Susquehanna Writers Institute

The Susquehanna Confluence, the region around the joining of the North and West Branches of the Susquehanna River, is of continental historical significance as the location of what was called "the capital of the eastern woodland Indians" and of settlements important to the early development of America, its industrialization, the presence of many cultures including historic African-American, Amish, and Eastern European communities, and now efforts to develop a more sustainable economic future. The first Susquehanna Valley Summer Writers Institute offered an experiential exploration of the Susquehanna Valley region, particularly the river confluence, to develop and workshop creative-nonfiction, fiction, and poetry to produce a portfolio of writing inspired by journeys into the real and imagined Susquehanna Valley.