Renewable Energy Scholars

Bucknell's Renewable Energy Scholars are a group of students, staff, and faculty who seek to educate the University community and the public about the theories, principles and benefits of with renewable energy technologies. The program was originally established through a grant from Sustainable Energy Fund's Solar Scholars Program. In August, 2006 Bucknell hosted its first Solar Scholars workshop resulting in the installation of a 2.5 kilowatt solar array, which now serves as a power source for the Bucknell Center for Sustainability and the Environment. In April of 2007 two more arrays, with a combined capacity of 3.2 kW, were installed at the Bucknell Mods.  In 2008 a solar thermal unit was added at the Bucknell Mods site, and in 2013 a 900 watt wind turbine was installed near the Center for Sustainability.  More recently, the Class of 2014 donated a fourth PV array situated adjacent to the water tower on South Campus.

When the sun is shining, the electrons are flowing! View real-time data of Bucknell's solar instalations.  

Bucknell's Renewable Energy Scholars sponsor workshops and regular lectures by faculty, alumni, and invited guests on a variety of topics related to energy and sustainability. To find out more, please contact faculty advisors Nate Siegel or Peter Jansson.

To see what else the Renewable Energy Scholars have been up to, view our photo gallery below.