The mission of the Bucknell Green Fund is to encourage, through a revolving loan fund, global sustainability on campus by funding innovative projects that demonstrate environmental leadership and economic benefit

The Bucknell Green Fund will empower Bucknell University and its students to build a sustainable community. It will foster local projects that further the worldwide movement for a sustainable future. As an independent fund at Bucknell University administered by the Bucknell Green Fund Committee, the Bucknell Green Fund will fund renewable energy, energy and water efficiency, waste reduction, and other cost-saving projects that demonstrate sustainable design and operation.


  • To foster sustainable design and operation using environmentally sound technologies and practices on the Bucknell University campus.
  • To respond to budget shortfalls caused by energy, water, materials, and waste disposal costs by funding projects that benefit Bucknell University by increasing efficiency or reduce use in these areas and others.
  • To educate and inspire all members of the Bucknell community about the potential for, and benefits of, conservation and innovation in sustainable design.
  • To sustain itself financially and functionally into the foreseeable future without compromising, and where possible supporting, other student, community, and institutional initiatives for a sustainable world.

Through a revolving mechanism drawing cost-savings from projects, the Bucknell Green Fund will replenish itself while providing cost-savings to Bucknell. The fund will make it easy and efficient for students and other Bucknell community members to design projects. This will provide an unrivaled hands-on opportunity for individually structured sustainability education while raising the awareness of the entire community. Furthermore, it will demonstrate that, contrary to common belief, self-funding sustainability projects are a crucial part of fiscal stability.


At the direction of the Bucknell Green Fund Committee, the Bucknell Green Fund is managed by the Green Fund Committee, a group comprised of faculty, staff, and students. The Green Fund Committee will advertise the fund, raise money for the fund, accept and review applications for projects.